Monday, August 25, 2008

Back From The Windy City...

We got back from Chicago a little after 9am this morning. Ended up stuck in Newark for the night and got about 6 hours sleep for a $90 hotel stay. Doesn't seem right. The place was quite a dump and in the middle of nowhere. A word of advice, don't stay at the Howard Johnsons if you are ever in Newark.

Anyways, I got Kayla all moved into her dorm and met some of her roommates. It was a sad day indeed. I actually felt guilty for leaving her there. She was nervous as expected but by the end of the day was happy and meeting people. She will be okay I guess. I have already exchanged e-mails with her around four times today since getting home.

On the upside she has a fabulous room with a view of Chicago and Buckinham Fountain/Lake Michigan. Everything she needs is right there. Lots of stores, shops and restaurants. Her building is awesome too. She is on the 8th floor and has a view of the terrace. They have a rec room with ping-pong, pool tables and super cool-comfy chairs too. I am so excited for her. Her building is also very secure and near all the attractions. It is PERFECT. I will be sending her a care package soon with lots of goodies. Check out her blog here.

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