Sunday, July 13, 2008

CHICAGO: Update 2....

A continuation of my Chicago trip. The college did decide to let my daughter take her test during orientation. I thought that was mighty nice of them considering how far we traveled to attend this orientation. It took us two planes, a train, bus and a subway just to get to Chicago.

The way home from Chicago on Thursday was a whole nother story and a very long 22 1/2 hours. It took us 10 hours just to get out of Chicago. Thunderstorms, ATC and huge standby lists all day because of the delays. We finally got on the last flight out of Chicago (at 9pm) headed to Newark. We knew we would be sleeping in Newark aiport when we arrived because there were no more Syracuse flights until morning. We arrived in Newark a little before 1am and went to our gate for the morning flight back to Syracuse. The airport was empty at this time. We found a quiet spot and went to sleep. There were two other young ladies stranded in Newark and they were sleeping near us.

We woke up the next morning and the gate area was packed with people. I had a couple kids actually step on me while I was sleeping. They were trying to look out the window that I was sleeping under. Imagine waking up with your hair a mess, in the same clothes you wore the previous day with all these people around. I felt like a homeless person. Anyways, we got on the 8am flight back to Syracuse. I was never so happy to get home to my own bed and shower.

One more post coming up soon with pictures from the trip. I did find time to shoot even though my kids did not want to be photographed. I did my best.

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